Access By the Operator of Our Security Monitor

    As a visitor to The Company Store® site, the operator of our security monitor, ScanAlert will have access to your activity here. This web site is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test. ScanAlert's security auditing technology allows the HACKER SAFE logo to appear only when a web site's current security status meets the highest published government standards. The access which we allow to ScanAlert for its HACKER SAFE service help protect you from identity theft and credit card fraud. According to ScanAlert, "HACKER SAFE does not mean hacker proof. HACKER SAFE certification cannot and does not protect any of your data that may be shared with other servers that are not certified HACKER SAFE, such as credit card processing networks or offline data storage, nor does it protect you from other ways your data may be illegally obtained such as non-hacker "insider" access to it. For more information about the privacy policies of ScanAlert and HACKER SAFE, go to